Why Practice Yoga
January 17th, 2011

Why Practice Yoga?

With everything we face in our daily life and in our society, the stress we experience can spiral out of control.  There are a number of reasons for our stressful life, most often anxiety and fatigue.  Often we are not even conscious of our tensions, but they continually drain our health energies and may manifest in increasing high blood pressure, headaches, depression, and a compromised immune system.

Yoga therapy begins with relaxation, so our first priority is to get into a relaxed state.  In yoga, we use yoga poses (asanas) emphasis on breathing (pranayama) and meditation and/or visualization.

The basis of yoga philosophy is that the body and the mind are part of one continuum of existence.  This is the foundation of the yogic view of health. The interaction of body and mind is the central concern of the entire science.  The mind is more subtle than the body, and bringing both into balance creates the space and possibility for us to perceive our true nature.  We are able to live more freely and authentically.

About My Classes

I teach to others what I have found to work best for myself.  My teaching style consists primarily of movements linked to breath...


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